Our (Made to Order, Literally) Dream Home

Future Site of “Casa de Landis”

One of the first decisions Garth and I made when we got married, is that we would not “buy” a home until he retired from active duty and we could settle down back at home. Considering we have lived in 4 states and 6 houses in our (almost) 10 years of marriage, I am very happy that we made this decision.

Throughout our marriage, much thanks to my obsession with Chip & Jo, we have always watched HGTV and “dreamed” about what we want in a forever home. I even subscribe to every home magazine out there, and cut out pictures of rooms we love and put them in to our house scrapbook (yes y’all, it really is a thing)!

One thing that we agreed on right off the bat, was the Southern Living “Tucker Bayou” house plan. Every. Single. Thing. about that house is perfect. We love the kitchen with the adorable breakfast nook surrounded by windows, the built ins throughout, and the open feel of the entire house. When we went home for Christmas, knowing that medical retirement was looming, we decided to walk the land with the contractor and give him our plans to get a ballpark price. I had done a little research beforehand and knew that it would not be the most cost efficient house to build, but nothing prepared me for the quote we got back. So, back to the drawing board we went.

Knowing that we were bummed and determined to help us find something to fit our budget that we loved, my Dad picked up a packet from a well-known home builder in the area for us to look through. There were a ton of plans in the packet, but nothing that either of us loved (or even liked for that matter). A few days later, home for my grandmother’s funeral, I spotted a beautiful home on the side of the road and was shocked to see the sign in the parking lot that said “Modular Homes”. I am not going to lie, at first Garth and I were both leery of building a modular home. However, after a little research and talking with the sales team from the manufacturer, (and lets not forget walking through the gorgeous model homes), we have decided this route is definitely best for our family.

A quick google search brought back many pros and cons of building a modular home instead of a more traditional build on site stick built. The homes are highly energy efficient, which will hopefully help our heat bill in the winter when our Texas acclimated girls are freezing. The construction time is dramatically cut down, as is the price – win/win! Since we already have land to build on, land cost (a usual con) thankfully does not apply. I worried that I would not be able to customize the home as much as I would like, and was pleased to find out that was wrong. Everything in the home can be customized, and most of it is at no additional cost. We walked through two homes and fell in love with the interior of one but the traditional cape cod exterior of the other, so the company drew up a “hybrid” home which will give us the best of both.

If you are planning to build a home, I would definitely recommend looking into modular home companies around your location. You may be pleased to find they offer just what you are looking for.

We are looking forward to getting settled and “ordering” our forever home. I will be sure to post more details and photos in the months to come.


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