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Wood Pencil Sign Tutorial

Hey y’all, thanks for stopping by! Since finding out our amazing news exactly a week ago today I have packed up over 95% of our house. No lie, if I pack anything else we will be eating out and naked for the next month, so I decided I needed a distraction. Although I have already packed up most of my craft supplies, I still had an entire box full of pallet wood left over from previous projects and decided to make a cute little pencil sign for the homeschool room. While I was at it, I made some extras that Five Little Pines will sell for back to school gifts (for those of you who aren’t up for a little DIY).


I started out with a plain piece of pallet wood that I had already sanded down. I used a ruler to mark where I needed to cut and used my jigsaw to make the cuts.


Next, I stained the end of the pencil that I had just cut.


Using painters tape, I taped off the section that I wanted to make the eraser. The color paint that I used is “Eraser Pink” acrylic paint and I picked it up for $0.50 at Wal-Mart.


Next I sectioned off the area that would be yellow and painted it using yellow acrylic paint.


Once the pink and yellow paint had dried, I used a gray paint to make the metal piece between the eraser and pencil. I also painted a black tip on the pointed edge to make the lead.


I roughed the edges of the sign up with sand paper and used my silhouette to make the “Landis Academy” stencil to finish it up.


I plan to add some jute string between the pink and gray sections, and will use some cute metal wire with a little burlap bow as a hanger. (Of course, I’ve already packed all of this so it will have to wait until we get settled in Virginia)


This project was super easy to make and I can’t wait to hang it on the door of our homeschool room in the new house. It would also make an adorable teacher gift for back to school.


2 thoughts on “Wood Pencil Sign Tutorial

  1. Those are the cutest things I’ve seen all day! So creative and fun. Perfect for your classroom. I home schooled my kiddos too! Was totally worth it. 24 and 25 now and they are doing what they love in life. So well rounded! Love meeting others that did it too! Best wishes on your new adventure! 🙂 Koko


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