Hey y’all, I’m Whitney.
I am a child of God, wife to a (soon-to-be-retired) soldier, and a (new to homeschooling) mom to five girls. My family will soon be moving “home”, to the beautiful mountains of Virginia, after many years of army life. I am starting this blog to capture what I am sure will be some of the happiest, but also craziest times of our lives. From moving across country, re-connecting with family and friends, building a home, starting a new and exciting business “Five Little Pines, Wood Design”, learning the in’s and outs of homeschooling our amazing girls, and finally getting to have chickens and goats (YAY!)… I promise to share it all with you. The good, bad, and ugly of finding our new and forever normal.
I hope that you will all follow along with me as my family gets settled back in to “life in the pines”.


One thought on “About

  1. Lovely to meet you! I thank you for your service!!!! Virginia is a beautiful state. Home schooling is awesome! And chickens and goats…woohoo! What a wonderful life! All the best to you! Koko


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